Plastic Surgery a cure for the distressed

Plastic surgery is a medical treatment used for re-establishment, rebuilding or modification of a hide of the human body. The word Plastic actually is derived from a Greek word Plastic which means sculpting or reshaping. Plastic Surgery is actually the art of modeling of malleable flesh. Plastic surgery was also used by the ancient people and is one of the oldest surgical treatises dated from the oldest Kingdom dated on 3000 BC – 2500 BC.

Plastic surgery has to be divided into two different categories:

Reconstructive Surgery:

This surgery is used to reconstruct the party of the body or improve its functioning. This surgery includes hand surgery, Craniofacial Surgery, micro Surgery and also the conduct of burns. Craniofacial Surgery also opens as pediatric and adult craniofacial. Pediatric surgery is used for the treatment congenital anomalies or soft tissues of craniofacial skeleton whereas Adult Craniofacial surgery is used for the treatment of orthographic surgery. Hand surgery deals with acute injury and unceasing diseases connected to the wrist and hand. The hand surgery treatment is also used by general surgeons and orthopedic This surgery is used for the correction of congenital malformations of the upper extremities and peripheral nerve problems. Micro Surgery is generally used with the rebuilding of missing tissues by the transfer of a part of tissue to the reconstruction part.

Cosmetic or Aesthetic Surgery:

This surgery aims at improving the appearance of the human body. It includes facial and body aesthetic surgery and is essential or plastic surgery. Physical surgeons use the principles of aesthetic surgery in reconstructive surgery and in isolated methods to improve the overall appearance of the body.

Technique and procedure of the plastic surgery:

In a Plastic surgery, the transport of tissue of skin from one part to the reconstructive par is very common. A skin graft can derive from recipients or donors such as:

  • Autografts are occupied as of the recipient, in case if it is deficient or absent of natural tissues, then alternative tissues can be refined by using synthetic compounds named as Integra.
  • Allograft these are extracted from the donor belonging to the same species.
  • Xenografts these are occupied from the people of different species.

Usually, plastic surgery gives good results as it emphasizes careful plan of incisions so that it could fall into the queue of natural folds. All surgery has their own risks. There are very common problems of ornamental surgery known as a hematoma, nerve damage, infection, scarring, implant failure, and organ damage. There are many complications in breast implantations it can get ruptured too. There are also some psychological disorders related to plastic surgery such as body dysmorphic disorders which is actually linked to plastic surgery obsession. This result in the sufferer as preoccupied with what they regard as defects in their bodies or faces. While 2 percent of the patients suffer from this disorder and also the 15 percent dermatologist and cosmetic surgeons have this disorders. In some case, physicians also recommend not to perform any further surgeries as it can lead to extreme safety risks.

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