Could a potential link exist between Cosmetic Surgery and Alzheimer’s Disease? 

Plastic surgeon Foad Nahai, MD, is suggesting there might be a potential link between cosmetic surgery and Alzheimer’s disease. This is a very interesting thought pattern and it brings to question is plastic surgery really worth it? Just remember readers this is a very early stage of this research by no means this can be true we are just further investigating.

Nahai, who is an editor in chief with Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and who is a professor of surgery at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta published an interesting news story. This appears in Cosmetic Surgery Times notes that there is a possibility between cosmetic surgery and Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, he talks about the effects of aging. Apparently young and middle-aged adults who had negative age stereotypes were far more likely to get Alzheimer’s Disease. In a study, it shows that this is an accumulation of Nero functions that have been having an effect on the mood of the individual that is why it is causing such a severe case. Since we can kind of say negative mood or negativity can cause Alzheimer’s can we develop a link between cosmetic surgery and Alzheimer’s disease?

Cosmetic treatments improve somebody’s mood, therefore, it causes less negativity in that individual’s lifestyle. This can cure a person depression because less say one is insecure about the way they look so they are scared or sad to interact with other people. Therefore they might get a cosmetic surgery now they won’t be depressed because now they can make friends since they are not being judged therefore this may be a good case of plastic surgery. This can prevent depression and we have a case where depression leads to Alzheimer’s disease.