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Alzheimer was once a major disabling affliction amongst most of the old people, however today, due to unhealthy and fluctuating lifestyles, behavioral changes and mental stress, cases like that of depression, Alzheimer and dementia are quite evident in population belonging to every age group. As it is a progressive disorder that gradually kills your nerve cells within the brain, it acts as a major agent affecting each affected one’s mental health.

We have been crucially getting major queries regarding Alzheimer and its link with mental illness, and thus we aim to provide complete assistance to the uninformed, misinformed or unaware individuals about the sensitivity of the disease.

While a lot of you might start showing symptoms for the same around 50 years of age, there are specific ways or symptoms to detect how it affects you. Whether acute or critical, every disease enters with some signs, which might make you feel differently. One of the most hazardous symptoms of Alzheimer is the loss of memory, along with changes in personality and decline in your intellectual.  During the onset of this disease, the major symptoms project out with tiredness, anxious and upsetting behavior. However, as the changes that come with the same are not frequent but they gradually develop and get harmful. With this, it is pretty much sure that Alzheimer has a deep connection with mental sickness, memory loss, depression, and many other similar problems.

The duration of disease and the fast it will progress, depends largely upon simple forgetfulness to critical dementia, which can consume up 5 to 10 years. The patients might experience some frightening incidents and their first encounter with memory loss can definitely make them go through hard times. However, we are there to assist you and support you with the best advice, best care, best solutions and best treatments that save you from the verge of shattering emotionally.

The feelings that you get might begin from slight memory fluctuation and confusion, however, then the symptoms ultimately lead towards irreversible and severe mental impairments. The ultimately affect your brain by killing up your ability to remember, learn and even imagine. The criticality of the disease can go to an extent where you might start forgetting the names of your family members, or even the small petty things like your watch, comb etc.

You might also experience difficulties in relating to abstract thinking that eventually begins with everyday mundane things such as disability to balance a checkbook and slowly it leads to confusion with recognizing numbers. Issues in understanding the right words is another challenge that individuals face as they don’t get the exact word to bring out their thoughts, and the ability to follow up conversations also breaks down.

Changing personality and instant emotional fluctuation are another set of symptoms that might occur. People feel uneasy; mood swings, stubbornness, distrust and even social withdrawal leading to an introvert behavior could be experienced. As all of these grow up gradually, you might just consider them as a cause of ‘bad day”! However, don’t let this one bad day turn a big bad phase of your life. Start the battle against Alzheimer and mental sickness today, by staying truly informed.