About Us

Alzheimersproam is a website to keep track of all sorts of data we want to find out if there is a link between Alzheimers and plastic surgery if there is a chance they both can be related. Recording data on this website will allow us to slowly see if there is a correlation. This is a nonprofit organization we have a few doctors on our team willing to volunteer and give us information on what is going on in the real world. We also have student across Canada who are studying at some of the top medical school and we are asking them to look out for such a case where plastic surgery may be correlated with Alzheimer’s disease. This is not the first time something like this is brought up within the community. Humans are curious animals and we often wonder and ponder away in our prefrontal cortex on ideas. We are an animal of patterns we love seeing patterns and matching certain data sets. Therefore there is a chance we can find a correlation.

The way the site will run is that whenever there is someone on the team whether it is a doctor or student if they come across someone who has plastic surgery and is developing or has developed Alzheimer they must record it on our website. Slowly over time we can keep gathering data and we can put it into a software and her how many people that have Alzheimer also got plastic surgery. After this event is done we can start getting visual graphs and see what is really happening in this space and this will be a very cool and interesting project to work on.


Thank you for joining Alzheimersproam and we look forward to gathering large chunks of data with our amazing team. Let us expand our knowledge together!